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Paola Suhonen

Finnish designer, artist, entrepreneur and a film-maker, FIN


Paola Suhonen will open up the sources of inspiration to her multifaceted works and her need to use different art forms as her channels of expression.


Paola Suhonen is is especially known for her fashion brand Ivana Helsinki, which she founded with her sister Pirjo Suhonen. The visual world of Ivana Helsinki takes its inspiration from Paola's own visions and is based on her personal life experiences.


She completed a movie, Love Contemporary, about American adult entertainer Nina Hartley, and worked as cinematographer on Usagi-san (Mr Rabbit).

Suhonen has a skill to bring out the sensitive and humane side of her subjects as well as creating strong poetic and ambient worlds, seen in her fashion films, documents and fiction films.

Theme: Arts & Culture

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