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Very often drama is one of the best mirrors to make us understand what is going on in our world. 


Babylon Berlin has been one of the most impressive and notable drama series of our times. As it describes Europe’s past it also reflects on our time and maybe even future.

Henk Handloegten, writer and director, will tell us how the team created the world of Babylon Berlin and what we will experience in season two. 


Writer and director J-P Valkeapää will talk about his latest film ‘Dogs Don’t Wear Pants’, which has already won many prizes and will soon appear in cinema in Finland. 


The brightest stars of comedy today are women. We will hear what makes female writers choose comedy as their genre to tell their stories. Anna Brotkin - writer of  Aikuiset and Putous - will run a panel on comedy and explore what we can and should laugh at in 2019.


Henk Handloegten

Life in Babylon - A story of our time

in history

Iram Haq

From personal experience to

universal touch

J-P Valkeapää

Alakulttuurin erityinen ja inhimillinen yleinen

Anna Brotkin

Komediakirjoittajien paneeli:

Mikä naurattaa vuonna 2019?

Melli Maikkula

Komediakirjoittajien paneeli:

Mikä naurattaa vuonna 2019?

Kaya Pakaslahti

Komediakirjoittajien paneeli:

Mikä naurattaa vuonna 2019?

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