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To remind you of the upLIFTing moods of LIFT 2018, take a look at this video! (YouTube)
The main stage programme for both days is still viewable in Yle Areena.

Five reasons to remember LIFT
1. Awesome line-up

2. New ways to cross-over between media & arts & culture

3. Amazing performances

4. Opportunity to make new contacts and find innovative minds

5. Great fun

Themes 2018
Speakers & Artists 2018

Wednesday 17.10.2018


9.00 Opening words:
Kai Huotari (CEO, Kaapelitehdas) and Ritva Leino (Co-Founder, Yle Lab)

Merja Ylä-Anttila, CEO Yle 

9.20 The future of meaningful media

Eli Pariser 

10.00 The neuroscience of emotions and creating a more joyful internet

Katri Saarikivi

10.20 A human-centered future of work

Esko Kilpi

10.40 Want to build products to serve millions, make sure you understand your users

Benji Portwin

11.20 Cracking the code: Building the Westworld Experience


Halle K. Phillips & Noreen O’Toole


12.05 (&14.05)
Race Horse Company


13.15 Interaction and the evolution of the media industry

Alexander Bard

14.10 VR is evolving rapidly; what are the latest trends in storytelling

Liz Rosenthal

LIFT Main stage live at Yle Areena

Art pieces and processes in both LIFT days provided by:

Videokaffe / Pasi Rauhala /
Vappu Rossi / VJ SSuvereeni /

Event soundscape created by Okko Nuotio


10.30 If it ain`t broke, fix it anyway

Tuija Seipell

11.15 A Northern storyteller - between documentary and fiction

Katja Gauriloff


12.30 The Euphoria and the misery of writing something with relevance - and then be analysed by a ghost

Script Doctor: Donat Keusch


R&A LIFT -PRIZE: Star Shaped Scar

13.20 HK119: Dystopian Songs

Heidi Kilpeläinen

14.00 Stupid Young Heart: how we narrate stories about the young

Selma Vilhunen, FIN

14.40 Writing fresh comedy that engages the audience

Anna Brotkin,  FIN

15.00 The storytelling power of animated GIFs

Anna Salmi,  FIN

15.30 Sketch comedy on social media platforms

Seksikäs Suklaa & Dosdela,  FIN

15.50 The do`s and don`ts of writing short form

Veera Ojola,  FIN

Thursday 18.10.2018


9.05 Opening words:

Nasima Razmyar, Deputy Mayor Helsinki

9.15 Urban media: for citizens, with citizens, by citizens

Dick Rijken

10.00 How to build participatory society

Pauliina Seppälä

10.30 Anna Karenina, flamenco

Compañia Kaari & Roni Martin

10.45 Social phenomena as motivators in making art

Jani Leinonen

11.00 From artistic practice into entrepreneurship; fieldnotes from the road
Nanna Hänninen


11.35 Let`s move
Hanna Brotherus



13.00 In discussions with; problematics and possibilities of curating now

Maitreyi Maheshwari

& Kai Kartio

13.30 Case Ivana Helsinki: 7 stories, where the art meets business
Paola Suhonen

14.10 Interviewing Akse Pettersson: Making meaning through theatre

Akse Pettersson

14.40 On a mission to solve the problems of humankind.. where to start?
Perttu Pölönen


Joyful Internet Hackaton results

LIFT Main stage live at Yle Areena


10.00 The media experiences of the next generation Yle, FIN


11.00 "Wall of moments" and the MARCONI project, Mike Matton, VRT. ENG

11.30 Low cost AR-like experiences and influential VR: knowledge from research



11.55 Technology geared towards solidarity #SMartcoop
Lieza Dessein

12.25 The #HCPSPIRIT - Connecting business, arts and creative tribes


12.50 Launch

European Creative Hubs Network

13.15 Arts, politics and inclusion

Artists at Risk

& Startup Refugees


13.55 Dystopian Songs

Heidi Kilpeläinen, HK 119

14.15 Art and Cultural Sustainability

Maria Huhmarniemi

Star Shaped Scar


Pitching final + awards


Art pieces and processes in both LIFT days provided by:

Videokaffe / Pasi Rauhala / Vappu Rossi / VJ SSuvereeni /

Event soundscape created by Okko Nuotio


LIFT builds on the previous events, Media Digital Summit and SULA , lifting them to new heights.

LIFT is a new kind of event for media, arts and culture. The world is not finished. Right now, it needs joint action, creativity and new stories.

LIFT is about the power of cooperation, playful experimentation, diversity and the ability to both challenge and be challenged. LIFT is also about culture, shared experiences and encounters.

LIFT provides opportunities and possibilities: meeting those engaged in creative arts and media, hearing domestic and international speakers as well as testing new ideas and finding new views and experiences.

LIFT invites participants to break the barriers between arts and media, encouraging them to find new partners and create networks.

LIFT is an open forum for anyone with a keen interest in media and culture, be it professional or otherwise. LIFT challenges and inspires to cross borders.  Join us! Together we can build a better, more meaningful future for all of us.

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