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Emotion Hack Day 2018

Emotion Hack Day 2018:
JOY! brings more joy to internet


Coders, designers, scientists, enthusiasts!

Let’s investigate what joy is, how to easily invoke it, how to measure and help computers understand it. Let’s hack our way into a more joyful internet.

Emotion Hack Day takes place alongside with LIFT festival. The application is open for everyone and the idea is to have a group of people with diverse backgrounds. Selected hackers will get access to the festival program and enjoy the festival meals + party.

During the two days participants will form teams that will explore what joy is, develop ways to produce the feelings of joy, and come up with ways to convey joy in digital interactions. The teams will present their results at the end of the second day of the LIFT festival.

The event is organized by Yle and the HUMEX research group from Helsinki University.

Apply now:

or at least by October the 3rd, please

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