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Tuija Seipell

Speaker, Consultant and Editor

If it aint`t broke, fix it anyway

Tuija Seipell will dig into the aspect of a creator: how to find inspiration and courage to break boundaries of your comfortable zone, conventionalisms and fears.​

Tuija Seipell is a Finnish-Canadian speaker, consultant and editor of The Cool Hunter (, one of the world’s oldest online publications about design, architecture and lifestyle, followed by 2 million monthly readers.


Seipel is  a passionate advocate of customer experience, trends, design, creativity, motivation and especially emotions and hope. Her clients include diverse global and multinational organizations as well as cities and other government entities, but also medium-size and smaller organizations around the world. Seipel was born and educated in Finland but has lived and worked in North America for the past 35 years, the last 28 of them in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


In LIFT Open Tuija will run an inspirational workshop on customer experience development.


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