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“Bringing the Future Working Lab into LIFT to create kinetic scupltures and exploring the dimensions inbetween digital and analog.”


Videokaffe is an artist collective that seeks to find the nexus between digital and analog, through kinetic sculpture. Since its formation in 2011 the collective has had numerous exhibitions around the world. The collaborative is sparked by its members' desires to create innovative, challenging and thought provoking art. This happends in large part, by learning from each other and building on each other's talents.


In addition to members coming together at least once a year for a production residency, Videokaffe interlinks there workspace for remote working. Studios are equipped with multiple webcams and screen in order to enable hands-free collaborative work. One particular work series emerging out of this is “screen breach” where we are working together on one wall from our distant locations.

Members of Videokaffe Heini Aho (FIN), Mark Andreas (GER/USA), Stas Bags (RUS), Jack Balance (FIN), Andrew Demirjian (USA), Jenny Mild (FIN), Erno Pystynen (FIN), Olli Suorlahti / Olegtron* (FIN), Thomas Westphal (GER/FIN), Sebastian Ziegler (GER/USA/FIN).

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