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Veera Ojola





Script editor, content provider,

a spoken word artist

The do's and don'ts of writing short form

Veera Ojola, 25, is a content provider, scriptwriter and a spoken word artist. She has written the mini drama series Karma published on Instagram Stories, as well as a chatfiction drama series called Pientä säätöä (“Minor Tweaks”). Ojola also writes the Mitä mietit, Ronja Salmi (“What’s up, Ronja Salmi”) documentary for Yle and is an active participant in the Helsinki stage poetry scene as a member of the Veera & Ümit duo.

Her presentation addresses writing short-form content: What does a scriptwriter need to consider when creating content for different platforms? What kind of content works best on certain platforms? And what do these three have in common: writing poetry, writing Instagram stories and writing documentaries?


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