Seksikäs Suklaa & Dosdela

Social media influencers

Sketch comedy on social media platforms

Seksikäs Suklaa (“Sexy Chocolate”) and Dosdela have published sketches on Instagram and YouTube for the past four years. Hailing from East Helsinki, they use humor to shed light on the everyday situations and prejudices faced by young immigrants in Finland. Their most popular videos get millions of views and their personal Instagram accounts have more than 75,000 followers in total.


In their presentation, Seksikäs Suklaa and Dosdela discuss what they have learned about producing comedy for social media: What kind of content works and what kind of audience does it get? What is the impact of the followers’ immediate reactions on their approach? What about commercial partnerships: While necessary, how do they impact on their sketches and their artistic freedom?


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