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Race Horse Company

WED 12.05 & 14.05 - MAIN STAGE

LIFT will be joined also with Race Horse Company, which is without a doubt one of the most famous Finnish new circus companies touring internationally. RHC is well known for their aesthetics of chaos, humour and surprise!

Race Horse Company is a pioneer in building international reputation for the Finnish new circus. The founders of the Race Horse Company were awarded with the state prize 2016. Arguments were the artists ambition in the creation of increasingly high-grade and diverse performances. Race Horse Company is regarded as an example of how to believe in your dreams, take risks in an uncompromising manner and make the unbelievable possible.


On the first day of the LIFT event the company will perform two small excepts from their shows. On the main stage are circus artists Rauli Dahlberg, Kalle Lehto and Mikko Karhu.

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