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LIFT Pitch 2018

LIFT Pitch was held on 18th October 2018 in LIFT Open at Puristamo.


LIFT Pitch is a pitching competition for creative companies and teams based in Finland that have a unique business idea or an innovative product/service concept. We want to give the stage to concepts and ideas that are already on the market or in prototype phase.

The competition was two-phased: 

  • Training session for shortlisted companies on Oct 1-2nd, 2018 in Helsinki

  • Semifinal and final on Oct 18th, 2018 in LIFT

The jury consisted of decades of experience, loads of networks and an ocean of vision. The members of the jury were Juliane Schulze (DE), Peaceful Fish, Riitta Palmén (FIN), Palmén & Charpentier and Juha Tynkkynen (FIN), Idealist Group.

LIFT Pitch voittajat 2018.jpeg

Winners of LIFT Pitch 2018: (from left) Artist Residence Swap, Timo Wright (2nd prize 3000 €), Voconaut, Tommi Mäki (1st prize 6000 €) and Haruworks, Suvi West (3rd prize 1000 €). 

The companies selected to compete in LIFT Pitch 2018 were: 

  • Artist Residency Swap ry

  • D.I.E Tech Oy

  • Turre Legal

  • Myssyfarmi Oy

  • Barracuda Disaster

  • Aurora Careliensis

  • Point Particle

  • Voconaut

  • RaivioBumann

  • Haruworks Ltd

  • Népra

  • Magia Music & Media Oy

And the winner was Voconaut / Tommi Mäki! Congratulations! 

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