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Paradox Box

Media Art Live

At the afterparty expect the unknown


Paradox Box offers new expressions of free jazz and electronic sounds. They come from a place where vulnerability is accepted and mistakes are seen as door-openers to new possibilities. By listening and playing along, trio’s free-style improvisation creates a point where generative live visuals blends into the musical flow.


Eero Savela plays and composes music for trumpet. His tone quality and phrasing are among the most communicative in the fields of free jazz and rhythm music.


Aakusti Oksanen  is an award-winning percussion artist who brings new perspectives of rhythm exploitation and dynamic sound to electronic free jazz.


Media artist Niko Tiainen has a wide range of knowledge of rhythm, harmony and tone quality what he combines when creating immersive spaces and projections to various spaces. 
At LIFT Paradox Box performs in the event After Party!

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