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Artistic expertise in new context -
Nordic Mediators

Artists work in the fields of societal development is possible through mediators, who make artists expertise available for new contexts (working life organisations, city development etc.). What are the key elements that mediators bring into the equation, and what is the state of mediators in a Nordic point of view, is this competence growing?


Danish company Artbizz works inbetween artists and organisations to create professional partnerships. TILLT is a mediator organization based in Göteborg, Sweden, with the aim to implement artist-led development processes within a variety of different societal challenges. In Finland Arts Promotion Centre TAIKE aims with it’s new development program to stimulate interest for Artistic expertise and the creation of mediating activities. In this discussion the state of the mediator is discussed with Gerda Hempel (Artbizz), Caroline Gutke (TILLT) and Krista Petäjäjärvi (TAIKE).

Workshop: The artists work in new contexts is a growing field, but in need of sustainable growth and volume. What is the role of the mediator within this process of creating a demand, what is the state of the business within the Nordic countries and what are the possibilities of a Nordic network and collaboration? The state of the mediator is further discussed together with Gerda Hempel (Artbizz), Caroline Gutke (TILLT) and Krista Petäjäjärvi (TAIKE).

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