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Nanna Hänninen

CEO, Founder, Photographic Artist, Neemo Master Coach, Neemo Oy

“From the artistic practice into entrepreneurship; Field notes from the road”

Hänninen shares her experience about working as an artist in the business landscape, how these worlds mix and match, and do they? Hänninen shares her vision about the freedom and the limits of the 21st century artist, and how the role of the artist is in flux.


Nanna Hänninen is one of the most known Finnish art photographers and well known both in Finland and even better abroad. Her works are placed in numerous international public and private collections. Nanna Hänninen is also known for the pioneer work as an artist, who has renewed and added into her artistic cereer international startup entrepreneurship.


Hänninen is the creator of the Neemo method, by which photography becomes a strategic tool for the development of a company. “From the artist point of view the business and start up scenes feel free and non-conservative. Within business people are very creative, clever and supportive. Even if the competition is hard by collaborating we go forward”, Hänninen says.

Theme: Arts & Culture


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