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These performers invite you to experience how sound and image can challenge and enrich each other, giving birth to something new that tickles your imagination. 


Kimmo Pohjonen creates images and colors by playing accordion, Lau Nau uses a modular syntheziser to compose otherworldly sounds to moving images, and Heikki Kossi makes Foley Art visible by creating sound effects to film live on stage.


Open your ears and eyes and enjoy!

Kimmo Pohjonen

LIFT: Soolo

Heikki Kossi

Foley Live: näin syntyvät elokuvan äänet

Lau Nau

Fanfaari elokuvalle ja syntetisaattorille 


Partnering outside the box

Suvi Suvereeni

Live VJ @stage 1

Alisa Javits

Live VJ @stage 3

Paradox Box

At the afterparty expect the unknown

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