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LIFT Theme: 


LIFT 2019 believes that participation is a great way to get people to share their thoughts and innovate new means to build a better future. 


LIFT 2019 offers a variety of different case studies on participation. Erika Rushton speaks about Liverpool and describes how the city has used art and creativity as a tool to change. 


Touko Hujanen is a photojournalist who got bored in 2014. He wanted to change the way how we make media content. He came up with Uuden Maan Sanomat: a project, which is not only a newspaper - but an open invitation for everyone to join.

Gutsy Go is a project where young people change the world action by action.


LIFT is also a platform for everybody to come up with new ideas to make joint action together.


Erika Rushton

How do creative communities change their world?

Vishal Kumar

Data science for arts and culture

Kai Huotari

Panel: Participatory culture: Empowerment or embellishment?

Jonas Büchel

Panel: Participatory culture: Empowerment or embellishment?

Marko Turpeinen

Panel: Participatory culture: empowerment or embellishment?

Touko Hujanen

Reportaasin renesanssi 

Katri Vänttinen

Onko kirjasto pilalla – are we ruining our libraries?

Katriina Haikala

Social Portrait

Gutsy Go

Gutsy Go - make peace visible

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