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Katri Vänttinen

Kirjastopalveluiden johtaja / Helsingin kaupunki

Onko kirjasto pilalla – are we ruining our libraries?


Helsingin keskustakirjasto Oodi rakennettiin tulevaisuuden kirjastoksi, mutta mentiinkö sen konseptissa liian pitkälle ja ei-toivottuun tulevaisuuteen?


Katri Vänttinen works as Director of Library Services for the City of Helsinki, is a member of the executive team of Helsinki’s Culture and Leisure Sector and Helsinki’s new digital executive team.


Before joining the City of Helsinki in 2017 Katri worked in the field of library and information services for several public service organizations such as Finnish Broadcasting Company and higher education libraries.

In her work Katri Vänttinen enjoys facing the challenges of rapidly evolving environment, always trying to find partners and networks that can together create the best possible value and impact to the workplace, society and individual people.

Is Helsinki Central Library Oodi a library of dreams or a nightmare of a future that no-one wants?

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