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Jonas Büchel

Panel: Participatory culture: Empowerment or embellishment?

Jonas Büchel, born in the summer heat of the mid 60's learning the design patterns of life and joy in the parents' planning office and in an industrial small town of the Ruhr-area in Germany: Industry, mines, the 'never-ending-city', football with a strong emotional bond between humans and their industrial environment.


Studies of photography and design with continuing studies in social work, social planning and cultural management.

25 years of design, social & cultural work and creative urbanism practice in nearly all European regions. In the last 20 years concentrating on Baltic Sea Region, specifically Latvia.

Creative foci: Emotions, space and time - the individual and its groups.
Creative tools: Community development, moderation & mediation, urbanism, environmental perceptions, photography.

To observe and analyze, to foster individual and social freedom are the central elements of Jonas life and work.

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