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Speakers: Dr. Sam Inkinen, Artist Sini Kunnas, HCP Elias Koski

"Connecting Business, Arts and Creative Tribes"?​

Business and Arts form an alliance that many may have called unholy. Although, in order to flourish they need one another in the contemporary, hyper-connected world. Dr. Sam Inkinen, Artist Sini Kunnas and Elias Koski from HCP Artists will discuss the futures of arts and the mutual dependence and interaction of all creative tribes.


Dr. Sam Inkinen is a media researcher, writer, columnist, and consultant, who is known for his studies on creativity and innovation. Inkinen is a visionary speaker, who has an aspiration to link academic theories to life and practice.



Sini Kunnas is celebrating her 20th year as a professional artist this year. She is known for combining traditional painting practices to digital and conceptual art. Her mission as an artist is to step outside of galleries in order to reach true interaction with people. Kunnas also lectures on intuition, art, and vision.


Elias Koski runs the artist partner group at HCP Asset Management. Working alongside numerous artists he has co-produced a number of art exhibitions and festivals and supported some up and coming talents in building a sound professional career in arts.

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