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Theme: FUTURE 


Hanna Haaslahti

Media artist

Captured - Digitaaliset kaksoset dokumentaarisessa kerronnassa


Hanna Haaslahti is a director and media artist working with image and interaction, based in Helsinki. She has exhibited in numerous international media art festivals and galleries, including Ars Electronica, Hamburg Kunsthalle, HEK (Basel) and Watermans (London). She graduated from Medialab at Aalto University, Helsinki (MFA 2001), has honorary mention at Vida 6.0 Art and artificial life-competition and at ZKM Medien Kunst Preis.

At LIFT Hanna will talk about her ongoing XR project Captured, which is an immersive experience that captures your face and creates new identity for you in a collective scenario depicting social injustice.

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