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Hanna Brotherus 


“Let`s move"


In LIFT day 2 the crowd is being moved by Hanna Brotherus in a small dance session before lunch. This is a great possibility to experience how movement is created together and from within, in the rhythm of live music. In the Art & Work session Hanna opens up her philosophy and knowledge about how to make cross-sectoral collaboration possible, open up new possibilities of dialogues between arts and society – and in the end of the day: How make a living as an artist?

Hanna Brotherus has worked for over 20 years as freelance choreographer in field of contemporary dance and social work. Most of her works have been executed with professional dancers and actors together with elderly people, asylum seekers, children or recovering addicts. Hanna’s philosophy is that our body is the only home we have. She believes in encountering and deep bodily listening.

Hanna Brotherus’ latest works have been produced and performed in the Finnish National Theatre.

THU - 11.35 

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