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Esko Kilpi

Researcher and adviser

Esko Kilpi Company, FIN



A human-centered future of work


In the future AI will play a much more important role in our lives and in our thinking. What does this mean for human intelligence? Can AI too develop skills for interaction, communication and empathy? What is the optimal relationship between humans and machines?​

Esko Kilpi is the founder and principal of Esko Kilpi Company, a leading research and consultancy firm laying the intellectual foundations of post-industrial value creation and digital work environments.

In addition to his work as an author and speaker Esko Kilpi takes part in academic research and lectures on the topics of post-industrial value creation, relational view of the firm and intelligent technologies.

He is frequently invited as a key note presenter in management conferences globally. As an international consultant he advises both public sector organisations and leading global multinational companies.

His teaching and research interests are about organisational dynamics for emergence of coherence and novelty.  A large part of his work has concentrated on principles of organisational agility based on sciences of complexity and theories of complex social systems.

Theme: Future in Media, Art and Culture


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