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Donat Keusch

Founder and CEO of DFK Films, SCH/D

Keusch is a ghost writer, script analyst, story editor, producer/investor consultant and guest professor for several film schools. Through working and teaching together with Paul Schrader, Robert McKee and Frantisek Daniel he has developed very refined script writing approach, a 40-event story system.

Early 90’s Keusch worked as originator and head of Cactus' Scenario Service department where more than 500 screenplays and treatments were analysed from 1989 to 1996 on behalf of distributors and producers. Some examples: WHEN HARRY MET SALLY; THELMA AND LOUISE; WILD AT HEART; MISERY; UNDERGROUND; THREE COLORS: BLUE, WHITE, RED; DON JUAN DE MARCO; SEVEN; ANTONIA'S LINE; AMERICAN BEAUTY... The statistics of this service confirmed: 97% of the negative and 76% of the positive judgements turned out to be correct during the failure or the success of the films' theatrical releases.

In the past three years Keusch was involved in the analysis of some 400 international scripts like the Ken Loach's "I, Daniel Blake", Östlund's "The Square", the brother Coen's "Suburbicon", Guzikowski's "Papillon", Grisoni/Gilliam's "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote", Allen/Logan's "Chappaquiddick", Neil Jordan's "The Trainer" and some 140 more. The 144 scripts from his work during 2017 aren't on the screens yet.

Donat F. Keusch has also a backround in Psychology, Journalism and Sociology at the University of Zürich.

He has three personal trademarks: Confidentiality, merciless work and no mentions in credits.

Theme: Drama


Theme: DRAMA


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