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Alexander Bard

Cyberphilosopher, author and  music producer, SWE



Interaction and the evolution of media industry?

Alexander Bard will explain how media will be more collaborative as people get more access in production.
In his talk he will use his own personal experience in Swedish music industry.


Bard is a Swedish music producer and  co-author (together with Jan Söderqvis) of The Futurica Trilogy and latest book Syntheism: Creating God in the Internet Age. Throughout his career, he has been a  force in creating the Swedish music export sensation – making Sweden the world’s biggest per capita music exporter.


Alexander Bard studied Economic Geography at The Stockholm School of Economics in the 1980s while building a highly successful international career as a songwriter and record producer. In 1992 he co-founded Stockholm Records, which quickly achieved global success with bands like The Cardigans, A-Teens, and Bard’s own Army of Lovers, before being sold to Universal Music.

Theme: Future in Media, Art & Culture

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